Our ties as a team are made of threads that extend far before the formation of EXE.EYES.

Even from the start we were diverse. Our designers cut their teeth on projects throughout Europe--construction, marketing, digital development, anything we could get our hands on--gaining experience along the way. With each new job we gathered people, until we had a tight network of passionate individuals, connected by cooperation that stretched across the entire continent. We generated creativity without restraint. We were proud of our work, but things were only getting started.

We realized pretty soon that we had something special. There was skill, drive, and seamless communication. We had more potential. In our network, there were no borders. If that held true for Europe, why not the world?

We started branching out. Maintaining coordination through communication technologies, we advanced our own frontier, setting our teams on new and exotic projects in Asia and the Americas. As things progressed, we applied what we learned in Europe to these growing boundaries, only gaining more knowledge and ability with each new contact. People-wise, the network was small, and our teams stood that way to ensure consistent dedication to every project. When it comes to design, we know it’s always quality over quantity. Our system grew, but careful management kept everything running smoothly.

Before long, we were worldwide. On both sides of the Atlantic, our unique teams could provide flavor with multicultural techniques and influences. Our quality never suffered, despite distance. We already knew how to keep our cross-continent teams on-track from our start in Europe. The system operates like an orchestra. We keep our “sections,” or teams, in major cities across the world, and our “conductor,” the artistic director, oversees it all from the podium in Germany. Too many instruments would make things messy. We want timbre, not noise. 

Our name came pretty naturally. EXE.EYES is an organization of like-minded but diverse creators from across the world. Our perspective, or eyes, are all different, but we’re determined to execute a greater vision together.

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